Unspeakably Disgusting

Thursday, October 28, 2004

While brining up a story like this is never pleasant, it's important to be continually reminded of the scum that exists our society. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

She was sexually assaulted, her arms and mouth bound with duct tape, then 3-year-old Riley Fox was dumped alive into a secluded creek and left to drown, Will County authorities said Wednesday.

Her attacker was her 27-year-old father, Kevin Fox, who was arrested earlier in the day after allegedly giving a videotaped statement implicating himself, officials said during a news conference. He is expected to be formally charged today with assaulting and murdering his youngest child.
Anyone who doesn't believe that this piece of white-trash deserves the death penalty upon conviction is encouraged to e-mail me with their best defense. I promise I won't go too hard on whomever takes up the challenge.