A Fraud is Born

Monday, October 25, 2004

The mainstream press has finally caught on to Ashlee Simpson's SNL gaffe that is just too juicy to ignore. Not that I'm praying for this debacle to result in the end of Ms. Simpson's career, it's just that I don't respect frauds and Ashlee Simpson takes the crown on the subject of frauds. And to add salt to the injury, she had the audacity to blame the fiasco on her band; which, contrary to popular belief, does not control the dubbing of the lead "singer's" lyrics. This is just one example of the many talent-less faces that can sell records in this country, whether it be by their good looks and marketable faces, or in Simpson's case: heredity. Congrats girl, you know the system and how to milk it for every penny.

Keep on smiling Ashlee, for the end of your career is (hopefully) near!