And the Noles March Forward

Monday, October 18, 2004

The first BCS rankings report came out today, and as expected Florida State was awarded the #5 spot after securing it last Saturday by dominating an overrated Virginia team. Blowout aside, it was a great evening for football. The sun was down, the air was cool, and of course...the Seminoles proved they belong in the top 5 pool.

Sometime last week the College Republicans must have planned a last-minute blitz before early voting began (today) in Florida, as the "Noles for Bush" came out in full force; occupying every corner of the student section. It was hard to miss all the incredibly good looking lady Noles sporting their pro-Bush stickers and buttons - some even held up signs that were booth cheered and booed by surrounding fans. All I know is that if I had to base my vote on which candidate recruited the hottest students, it would be a much easier decision than what it is for me now, considering that I'm mulling two appealing third-party candidates.