Reaction to Fahrenhype 9/11

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The e-mails are pouring in now that my review is #1 on the IMDB links page. Here are just a few with more to come.

Charles writes:

You are just a pawn for the conservative movement. I would never watch such utter garbage. Thank God for people like Michael Moore who speak the TRUTH in this country when nobody else will. You think you know everything but should stick to what you really know…NOTHING!
Munkyboy tells me:
Thanks for the informative review. I ordered the movie off the web and I expect it to arrive soon. My girlfriend made me watch Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” last summer and now it’s payback!
JackSommersby rants after reading an Ann Coulter quote:
Heh! I'm a liberal, and I've said "Kurds" many times, and in making the same point over and over again to hypocrites like Coulter:

* Bushies don't give a sh-it about the Kurds -- they don't care about the poor and suffering people in their own country, much less one thousands of miles away.

* The beloved Reagan administration -- the very same one that committed treason by illegally arming Iranian terrorists -- supplied Hussein with the very same chemical weapons Hussein used to gas the Kurds, even when Reagan & Bush, Sr. & Rumsfeld knew Hussein was using them on his own people.

As for Ron Silver, a very talented actor who has unfortuntaely appeared in far too many direct-to-video disposables, here's an example of his 'wisdom':

"How stupid will you feel if in 2 years there is a nuclear bomb set off in the middle of New York and you have been arguing about healthcare?"

Well, Ron, not stupid at all. You see, Americans who're afflicted with fatal and dehabilitating illnesses and diseases that they can't get treated (unlike your well-off self, of course) will probably look at a nuclear bomb as a mercy killing. What Silver and many fail to grasp about asinine statements like his is that if you have a country with its citizens suffering like the sickly uninsured, you have to ask yourself if it's a country even worth protecting. It certainly is for those who're rich and can afford top-flight health care, but what of those who don't? Yeah.

Keep them coming, folks. E-mail me Compliments are always appreciated but I just love hate mail!