Democratic Nazis

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Democrats are starting to look more and more like the Nazis of Hitler's Third Reich…so says Powerline; just don't tell that to anyone who was actually oppressed by that truly evil regime.

More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked…Graber called the latest incident part of a disturbing trend of criminal conduct by anti-Bush forces in Wisconsin, pointing to an incident in Madison last week in which Bush-Cheney yard signs were stolen from the yards of three homes. The vandals then used chemicals to burn swastikas into the lawns of the homes, which were within a two-block radius of one another.

In addition, reports of stolen, defaced and damaged Bush-Cheney campaign signs are surfacing throughout Wisconsin.
Hindrocket opines:
In this campaign season, there is literally no length to which the Democratic Party, like the National Socialist Party of seventy years ago, will not go.

Hey, I dislike dirty Democrats just as much as the next guy, but let's not go so far as to compare them to Hitler's Nazis. Debate never goes anywhere when you scream 'fascist!' Protestors will be protestors and no party identification will determine how physical or aggressive they will be to the opposing party. There are whackos on both sides.

As much as we hate bullhorn-toting crazies and their "trespassing" antics, I haven't heard of a single case where a Democratic supporter forced a Republican out of his business and then shot him in the street.