Jon "Blue" Stewart

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In response to my latest post, Tim Boucher misconstrues my point on Jon Stewart's endorsement of Senator Kerry:

Since when is comedy some kind of egalitarian venture where everybody has to be included in perfectly symmetrical portions? Anyway, yeah.
I never attempted to make such an argument. Of course comedians can be politically bias and there are plenty of examples of such entertainers. You've got the master of red herring idiocy on the Left, Bill Maher, and Bush's bed-buddy, Dennis Miller, on the Right.

But The Daily show, unlike Real Time and whatever Miller's unwatched show is called, has always been a reliable source for comedy that isn't driven by an agenda. Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, SNL and MAD TV freely hammer both sides and for that are generally respected by the public...also get higher ratings. The Daily Show usually holds no cows sacred as well, but knowing that Stewart has endorsed Senator Kerry is a distracter. Nothing wrong with that but a disappointment to some. Is that related to Stewart's recent drop in ratings is the rhetorical question I raised.