Mailbag: Defending the Fraud

Monday, October 25, 2004

Cheecky gives it to me straight:

Ha! You are such a fuc*ing hypocrite! Talking sh*t about Ashlee Simpson yet you defend Avril Lavigne like she is your biggest obsession you lonely queer. Avril is such a poser and is rude to everyone who talks to her. Next time you have an idea keep it to your fuc*ing self because no one gives a f*ck.
Hmm, I'm a hypocrite for exposing Ashlee Simpson for the fraud that she is while at the same time showing a liking to Avril Lavigne for the talent she surely possesses? There's no need to elaborate here. People think they know everything about an artist because they hear a few mainstream-friendly songs on the radio and feel they can adequately judge someone based on that. I know enough about Avril Lavigne to know that she isn't just another pretty face abusing a microphone.

Simpson is simply a no-talent hack. Her first live performance doing anything was furnished by MTV and in front of a pampered crowd of friends and family. Avril has been performing her whole life in church and before large crowds where her natural singing talent was recognized. In my grade school days I had lead parts in school holiday concerts, singing and acting and being in front of people. I had more stage experience before I turned 15 than Ashlee Simpson does now.

Speed R8cer has me considering this:
Let me make it clear that I am not defending Ashlee Simpson. I've never cared for her music or her crappy TV show on MTV but dare I say you might be coming off too harsh on something we know very little about. What was revealed in the tape you linked to was a voice track that is actually common for singers to use as an aid to their performances.
Not buying it. When you hear the voice track to "Pieces of Me" it comes in loud and audibly clear as if it's to represent Simpson's live voice. Talented singers don't require such "assistance" because they have range. Simpson's own show proved how tone deaf she is.

Just tonight she was talking to Carson Daily and has appeared to back off the band blaming, saying she's "human" and that mistakes happen. Yeah, only it’s a mistake that clearly proves you're a fraud!