Open Season for Rush's Records

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Florida's 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday that prosecutors acted legally when they seized Rush Limbaugh's medical records during an investigation into whether the conservative radio host misused prescription painkillers.

From Reuters:

Police obtained a search warrant and seized records in November 2003 from three doctors and a clinic that had treated Limbaugh. Limbaugh said his constitutional right to privacy had been violated because the search warrants were issued without giving him prior notice or a chance to challenge the seizure.

The appeals court said a Florida law requiring prior notice applied to medical records subpoenaed in civil cases, and not to criminal investigations.

A judge issued the warrant after reviewing affidavits from investigators. According to court records, two people told police they had sold Limbaugh large quantities of the prescription painkillers Hydrocodone and Oxycontin over several years. Pharmacy records indicated Limbaugh got prescriptions for controlled substances from four doctors in five months, the court records said.
While I feel sorry for anyone who finds him/herself dependent on prescription drugs, it's hard not to say "serves you right" considering Rush's past statements regarding drug offenders. How long should they spend in prison, Rush? The wheels of justice have come full circle.