Superman, The Grudge, and a No-Talent "Singer"

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Many apologies for the lack of posting this week. Since our last update, a new Superman was selected, The Grudge disappointed, and Ashlee Simpson bailed out of her second SNL performance last night because the technician running the Talent Machine accidentally cued up "Pieces of Me" which was the song she "sang" in the first set.

The odd thing is that while Ashlee just stood there waiting for "Autobiography" (another joke in itself) to start up, her voice could be heard singing the intro to "Pieces of Me." Oops, it appears that Ms. Simpson lip-syncs her live performances, because to sing live would of course require talent -- and she clearly lacks in that department. You can catch the clip here. Warning, it's pretty embarrassing, but not as bad as her blaming the band during the closing credits. Uh-huh, because the band is responsible for streaming your voice through the speakers!

I was too busy partying after Florida State pulled off an ugly victory last night to catch that episode, which was -- if you care -- hosted by Jude Law. On a more interesting note, I learned that using the Blog Explosion navigator toolbar isn't that easy eight beers into the evening. If you have a blog meant for mass public viewing I recommend giving it a try.