A True Gun-Toting Patriot

Monday, October 18, 2004

From Fox 19 Cincinnati:

Some neighbors aren't thrilled with the rock in gun dealer Don Davis's front yard promoting armed protection, but he says only a judge can make him move it. The 8-foot ornamental rock sits in front of the home Davis recently built near the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood. The rock depicts an eagle and the US flag and carries the inscription, "It's better to own a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not own it." The Highland Park neighborhood association says it has received many complaints about the rock. Davis moved into the house Thursday.

He says his immediate neighbors have not complained. Davis is best known locally for television commercials featuring his tag line, "I don't want to make any money, folks, I just love to sell guns."
Hmmm, the neighborhood association is complaining because a resident is boasting he owns the safest house on the block? Of course the immediate neighbors haven't complained - a robber looking for an easy steal will want to strike as far away from a gun dealer's home as possible. I salute you, Mr. Davis.