Why are we Still Talking About Bolton?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bolton got borked in today's cloture vote which got the panties of many Republicans all bunched up because they hoped Tuesday's compromise would have been a sign of "comity" between the two parties. Frankly I could care less about the meaningless U.N. position. As Ann Coulter said tonight on Scarborough Country, "I like Bolton. He's a splendid pick for getting tough with terrorist and slave-holding nations like Sudan, but I don't care about the U.N. I care about the courts. They can send Ted Kennedy to the U.N. for all I care!"

Advice to Republicans: Allow Bolton's nomination to die on the Senate floor. That way you can say later that Democrats have had their way with at least a significant number of Bush's nominees and it's time for the majority party to have some say. Besides, it reflects badly on the Democrats to constantly obstruct Senate procedures. Bolton isn't that important anyway. Concentrate on the judicial agenda by getting important justices through the bottleneck procedures of the Senate.

Advice to Democrats: Stop caring so much about the United Nations! Drop the whole "we need to work with the rest of the world" nonsense and understand that defeating Bolton's nomination would hardly be a victory for the Democratic Party. On Tuesday your "mavericks" agreed to use the filibuster sparingly. Shouldn't you be using it on nominees that actually matter, like ones who potentially threaten your precious Roe v. Wade decision?