Of All Things, Hugs Banned in School

Monday, May 16, 2005

A 14-year-old girl received detention over a hug she gave her boyfriend at school. Officials at Sky View Middle said they had previously warned Cazz Altomare that what she was engaging in was unacceptable, but she continued to disobey the rule. The school allows "quick hello and goodbye hugs," but no "lingering" is allowed.

It's absolutely ridiculous that such a rule is in place. I do, however, have to support the action taken against the girl despite the protest from her own mother who sees nothing wrong with "lingering" hugs, because Altomare knowingly violated a school policy, stupid or not.

Meanwhile, middle school kids are hurrying off to explicit sex education class in their revealing designer outfits to get condoms and important lessons on going beyond the act of hugging, which of course is banned in middle school.