Cucumbers Aren't Just for Salads Anymore

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do a Yahoo! news search for "cucumber" and get this:

Maryland's largest school district is scrapping sex education materials that have come under fire for implying that homosexuality is a biological trait and for demonstrating how to put on a condom.

Gone from the curriculum will be materials that imply homosexuality is a biological trait, excluding viewpoints of those who believe same-sex attraction can be overcome.
Also dropped was a seven-minute video that was to be shown to 10th graders, in which a woman puts a condom on a cucumber to demonstrate its use.
When I was in high school we debated works of literature and history, not homosexuality. Kids are rising through the grade levels unable to read adequately or do basic math, but it's so important we teach them about homosexuality that there isn't any time to explore anything of academic importance.

Is homosexuality a biological trait or a choice? I'm inclined to say trait because the gays I know tell me their lifestyle has been anything but a choice.

So that's how I formed my opinion. There. Done. If there are any university studies on the subject then save the talk for college.

Now onto cucumbers. Call me crazy but I don't see how a condom being put on a cucumber is helpful or informative. There once was a time when social behavior was taught by the parents: table manners, phone etiquette, and when a man loves a woman.

But no matter how much sex education we ram down children's throats the rate of unwanted pregnancies continue to rise. It's not enough to put condoms in their backpacks next to the birth control pills, we have to show kids how to apply them by molesting produce.

Oh, so you put it around…silly me, I thought you ate it.