Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and Slander

Saturday, May 21, 2005

My website is receiving an abundant amount of traffic due to my #1 position for a Yahoo! search of a review for Michael Savage's new book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Frankly I was a little disappointed by the way he carelessly threw around facts and fabricated anecdotes to make his arguments, so on the whole I cannot give the book a full recommendation unless you're a diehard Savage fan and/or enjoy excessive liberal bashing. To those I say have fun and give yourself a few more reasons to call liberals crazy.

I also revisited Ann Coulter's Slander which I reviewed almost three years ago, calling it "another collection of biased garbage from the queen of trash talk herself."

After giving it another shake I was amazed by the number of points that have turned out to be accurate from the book's original publication until now. The new Forward in the paperback edition by Rush Limbaugh (whom I don't like or listen to) makes the point that liberals reacted to the part in Slander where she wrote liberals call conservatives names - by calling her names. Wicked irony at its best.