Me Looking Forward to a Star Wars Movie?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Today is Mother's Day, so politics takes a back seat.

From what I'm being told about "Episode III" I may actually have a reason to anticipate the final installment of Lucas' sci-fi saga, which according to some early reviews redeems the first two episodes many moviegoers would rather forget.

I never got into the whole "Star Wars" business. I only saw the original three when they were re-released into theaters not long ago in remastered format.

Frankly, I found them less than thrilling. Perhaps when I should have been geeky about the whole thing I was busy being cool and having a life, or something, because having waited so long left me without appreciation for the dated movies. "Episode II" did have a cool fight with Yoda in it, so I know it isn't impossible to find something good in the saga.

And something about "Episode III" looks good to me. I'm actually looking forward to it.