Condoms for Preteens

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yes, we live in an insane world. From Channel 32 WLKY:

School officials and organizers of a health fair for middle-school students got a surprise when they learned an AIDS education group [AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin] was handing out condoms.

About 1,150 students attended the fair Thursday at North Central Health Care, which was designed to teach about dangerous effects of using alcohol and drugs.
So to encourage preteens to avoid using alcohol and drugs we'll just give them condoms, because, you know, everyone's doing it and we might as well encourage the inevitable. While we're at it let's give samples of birth control pills to the young girls as another way to teach about the dangerous effects of using alcohol and drugs.

Update: On a somewhat but not-really related topic, in one elementary school Bibles have been banned from the playground. That's right, elementary-schoolers can no longer voluntarily read the Bible on the playground, but they can trade color-coated condoms like baseball cards. Hat tip: The Def Conservative