This is Just Hilarious

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Either this CBS report is inaccurate or some of the liberals at Syracuse University are conditioned coming-of-age fascists (emphasis added):

More than a thousand of her fans lined up to hear her speak at Syracuse University Wedesday night, and the security in the area was tight.

Officers searched bags and coats as people went into hear Coulter speak. The security measure was taken since Coulter has been threatened in the past. A small group of students showed up to express strong opinions. They say Coulter should not have been allowed to come on campus because they disagree with her views. Meanwhile, others say Coulter is someone who helps them express their conservative ideas.
Well I guess if they don't want her there she shouldn't be allowed on campus. And while they're at it they may as well force her into a labor camp for espousing intolerable opinions.