Surprise: Most People Want Saddam Dead

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well this is kind of a no-brainer:

WASHINGTON - Two-thirds of people in the United States say Iraqis are better off now than under Saddam Hussein, but many longtime U.S. allies are less optimistic, AP-Ipsos polling found.

U.S. attitudes also differed from those in eight other countries on how Saddam should be punished if he is convicted of murder and torture. Americans want him to be executed. People in the other eight countries want him to spend life in prison.
Of course the people Saddam Hussein oppressed should have the final word on the dictator's fate, but this study has interest in the United States because it shows that support for the death penalty is still alive and well. Will Democrats campaign against capital punishment this year and in 2008? Not if they want to win.