24 Delivers Nasty Groin Kick

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My joy upon seeing the return of Jack Bauer's daughter, Kim (guess Elisha Cuthbert's movie career isn't working out so well) this season was abruptly cut short when producers decided to kill off fan-favorite Edgar Stiles in the most recent gas attack on CTU.

I know, as a fan of the hit Fox show I must always be prepared for the sudden departure of favorite characters. Yet the impact this time took me by surprise. Michelle had a good run last year. President Palmer was killed off so quickly we had time to shake it off the way we do with most fatalities. But Edgar resonated with fans like no other character. He was a hero last season, became pivitol in intelligence gathering after losing his mother to a nuclear attack, and through the hours has formed an unlikely bond with co-worker Chloe.

There was nothing Jack could do for Edgar, as he watched his friend slump to the floor from behind a sealed door. Never mind just a few hours ago he carried a cute little girl out of a mall and resuscitated her with a last minute injection of nerve gas antidote in one of the cheesiest moments of 24. He has performed an untold number of last-minute rescues throughout the many seasons, but alas he could nothing for Edgar.

We'll miss you old chum.