Ben Domenech on Plagiarizers

Monday, March 27, 2006

After reading this tidbit you never would have assumed the author himself was a serial plagiarist, but then again, can we really be so sure this is an original work of Benny boy:

Jayson Blair refuses to have any sense of guilt over his actions at the New York Times. He says he received no preferential treatment. He says he deserves to be hailed as a genius for his elaborate lies. He says he laughed at the sheer inaccuracy of his cliched description of Jessica Lynch's West Virginia family home.

Jayson Blair is just one more journalistic pezzonovante amidst a crowd of his peers. The only difference is, he's unashamed of his pretty little lies. In fact, he's proud of them.

The ultimate insult that we could pay towards this wretch would be to forget him. He deserves no more of our time.
Tough talk from a guy who was also unashamed of his lies when he denied his unforgivable activities, only to finally semi-apologize when the piles of evidence stacked against him towered too tall.

And before today we thought we couldn't loath Benny boy anymore than we already did, but now we have him on record berating a fraud no worse than the righteous man himself.

Kudos to INDC Journal and Michelle Malkin for not burying this embarrassing episode we can and should all learn from.