Something Different

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

So I could talk about President Bush's new Attorney General appointee. I could talk about his plan to privatize social security. But after having just witnessed two music videos by a couple of young, sexy bombshell singer-wannabes, I figure politics can take a least until my next post.

First up on the review docket is Rumors by Lindsay Lohan. The video, an expensive production featuring glitzy nightclub sets and whizzing helicopters, is an outlet for the young Ms. Lohan to prove she's not daddy's little girl anymore. Wait...isn't every up-and-coming Disney channel actress trying to make that point? Doesn't matter here, because there's no stopping Ms. Lohan or her body from coming out of that skimpy outfit in this dance number.

As for the actual music, let's just say I'd rather ramble on about what she's (hardly) wearing. Rumors is your typical pop number with lyrics so abysmal...

Saturday steppin' into the club
And it makes me wanna tell the DJ
Turn It Up
I feel the energy all around
And my body can't stop moving to the sound

...that perhaps it's best for Ms. Lohan that she doesn't credit herself with the song writing. And it only gets worse with the added synthetic, electronic voice effects we're all familiar with.

The song is about Lindsay hitting up a club (god forbid one of these idolized pop stars would ever hit up a...oh, I don't know, a library or something) and trying to avoid the cameras so she could just dance, sing and hump every wall she dances past.

The video screams sex-appeal, or anything that takes the attention off the horrible song that's being sung by a computer and on the flashing lights and the gyrations of Ms. Lohan's body. Needless to say, Rumors does not get a passing grade from yours truly.

Next up is Tangled Up In Me by the lesser known Skye Sweetnam, a young pop star out of Canada looking to make it big in the States.

Her video debut, Tangled Up In Me, falls short of impressive, but at least in this video there's a visible band behind her. In the video, young Sweetnam is doing nothing more than getting herself tangling up in her microphone wire while selling herself to all the adolesant boys who can still be turned on after hearing such lines as I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine and Can you see I want you by the way I push you away?

Yes, we get it, girls play hard to get and sometimes don't realize it until it's too late. From what I hear Skye writes some of her own music and that's a promising start to what could be a profitable career in the U.S. Hey, if Hilary Duff can do it...