Cause I Just Had To

Thursday, November 04, 2004

By now almost all the pumpkins that have been harvested for Halloween have deteriorated and been disposed of via household trashcan. Being that I'm a crazy gun-nut with a thirst for blood, however, I couldn't pass up on the wonderful opportunity to take our dying pumpkin out to the range with my roommate, Matt Stryker.

Here I am loading up the magazine with eight 9mm rounds that will soon pierce through the flesh of our decaying pumpkin that once served as a great centerpiece at our Halloween party.

And here is the damage one magazine did to the pumpkin. By the time Stryker and I unloaded 100 rounds into the chunk of produce, it completely crumbled into a heap of pulpy pumpkin bits with a slight scent of lead (most of the destruction came from the exit wounds not visible in this photo). I wish I could have gotten a picture of the final product. Notice the hole that resulted from a direct bulls-eye shot through the mouth. I can't recall which one of us made that perfect shot.

And in memory (and goofiness) of the pumpkin, I show this picture of him kicking Matt Stryker's ass in videogames just hours before he met his fate. Sigh, why must pumpkins have short life spans? At least we gave it a proper 100-round salute before its departure from this earth.