How Could 36% of America be so Dumb?

Monday, November 08, 2004

They're a minority, to be sure, but a large enough faction of uninformed individuals cannot go unnoticed, as futile as their efforts may be. From The Washington Times:

Most U.S. adults surveyed by the Gallup organization oppose laws banning private possession of handguns but support stricter laws governing gun sales.

Sixty-three percent of the 1,012 adults over the age of 18 polled said they did not think there should be a law banning "the possession of handguns, except by the police and other authorized persons." Just 36 percent said there should be such a law.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed Oct. 11-14, one month after the Clinton-era ban on the sale and ownership of certain types of so-called assault weapons expired, said laws covering the sales of firearms in the United States should be "more strict." Eleven percent said they should be "less strict" while 34 percent said the laws should remain as they are now.
While the 63% figure is optimistic, I am absolutely flabbergasted that 36% of the people surveyed believe handguns should be banned. It doesn't matter how much university research you put in their laps proving that handguns are used far more for self-defense than to commit crimes, they won't budge. They see guns as evil and there are no two ways about it.