Silly, Silly Stevie

Monday, December 06, 2004

Apparently Stevie Wonder isn't happy with Eminem's treatment of Michael Jackson in his latest music video, "Just Lose It." From Sky Showbiz:

[Stevie] Wonder said the white rapper was a hypocrite because he owed his success to poor and black people. Jackson has already attacked the video, which shows him on a bed with a group of children. The self-styled King of Pop is facing child molestation charges. Wonder told Billboard magazine he was "really disappointed" in Eminem.

He told the trade magazine: "Kicking someone when he's down is not a good thing.

"I have much respect for his work, though I don't think he's as good as the late rapper 2Pac. But I was disappointed that he would let himself go to such a level."

The musician added: "He has succeeded on the backs of people predominantly in that lower pay bracket, people of colour.

"So for him to come out like that is bull."
To begin with it's absurd that Eminem has been labeled a hypocrite for making fun of a black man…which Mr. "Kid-Friendly" Jackson isn't. Not even close. At least anymore. Second is the issue of to which demographic category he owes his success. It's not the "lower pay bracket" that's paving the way for Eminem, but mostly the urban white kids who like rap and now have someone to identify with.

All points aside, there's nothing wrong with a little parody. Mr. Jackson is obviously not happy with it, but neither is the entire country for what Mr. Jackson has allegedly done to those children. Even comedian Chris Rock has said he's done defending Michael. He's on his own this time and people like Eminem have every right to make it more difficult.