Not My Friends

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Time for another issue of Not My Friends. Today's winners are:

Shri Lanka, for being picky about who sends them
disaster aid
. Apparently a tsunami that resulted in over 60,000 deaths isn't catastrophic enough to accept aid from Jewish infidels.

U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland, for saying that rich nations have been sting in providing relief aid to the victims of the catastrophic tsunami. I guess our initial $1 billion pledge and private citizen contributions haven't been enough to satisfy the U.N.

Susan Sontag, a novelist and activist who passed away this morning leaving behind a long legacy, including this cute remark about the 9/11 attacks:

Where is the acknowledgment that this was not a 'cowardly' attack on 'civilization' or 'liberty' or 'humanity' or 'the free world' but an attack on the world's self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions...In the matter of courage (a morally neutral virtue): Whatever may be said of the perpetrators of Tuesday's slaughter, they were not cowards.