How Dare I Bring up Abortion

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Jen goes for my throat:

Dude Scott. I think you went a little too far this time. This isn't an abortion because it was not the mother MAKING THE CHOICE to end her pregnancy, it was a f*cking psycho who cut the premature child out of the mother and stole it. A fetus is a bundle of cells that wouldn't even had made a sound, but I am sure that this baby girl screamed her lungs out at the intrusion of this psycho. You are sitting there and making this horrible unthinkable event an argument to pro choicers? An abortion isn't simple. It is a long and hard decision that a women finds that she can only make alone. Sometimes women have to have partial birth abortions due to a still born fetus, a serious threat to the mother and or child. People are always attacking women. IT ISN'T EASY BEING THE ONE IN THE WORLD THE GIVES BIRTH.
This isn't an attack on women. I never said a woman shouldn't be able to have a partial-birth abortion due to life or health threatening consequences. This is a major issue for me. That "bundle of cells" you are referring to feels pain, has a heartbeat and brain waves. Tell me that 21-week-year-old Samuel Armas pictured here grabbing the gloved finger of a surgeon is just a "bundle of cells."

Again, a life-threatening complication is another story. I'm not talking about that.

But people don't think about what the woman goes though otherwise it would be different and you wouldn't make this tragedy an argument. You are not a women Scott, you are never going to know that wait of the choices we make. How dare you. A women is dead so you have not right to sit there and start an argument with women who believe in pro choice. And it is f*cking Christmas too. These people just lost their daughter and that poor girl just lost her mother. You are f*cking sick. You don't care about these people, you just want to start a fight.
I don't care? That's why I said, "I pray for the family of the 23-year-old woman. No one should have to die because some crazy nut wanted a child and decided to kill for it. If there's any good news in this story, it's that Victoria Jo will live on and carry her mother's memory." I do pray when I say I do. That may not mean much to certain individuals but it's important to me.

Don't say I don't care about these people. I care for these people, including the "bundle of cells." And don't resort to f-words and name-calling in your argument if you want me to respect your opinion next time. You have the first amendment right on my blog but that doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate hostile language.

It's perfectly appropriate to bring up the abortion debate in cases like this, just as the anti-gun lobby should be able to make points against guns when innocent victims are shot by them. Dialogue is a wonderful thing.