No Peace at Christmas Time

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

An explosion ripped through a mess tent at a military base near Mosul today, where hundreds of U.S. troops had just sat down to lunch. More than 20 people were killed and at least 57 were wounded.

A military spokesman said 19 of the dead were American soldiers, which would make the attack the deadliest single strike against U.S. troops since the start of the Iraq war.

Guess the insurgents and Ansar al Sunna fundamentalists don't plan on letting up anytime soon for the holidays. Today's news has done anything but put me in the Christmas mood.

Which is perhaps why a Christmas party tonight may be just what I need. While I'm out with some friends you can check out my new column on the baby stealing story still making national news, and its significance on the abortion debate.

Merry Winter Solstice.