Was the President a Sex Bomb?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yes, says many Power Line readers. Rocket writes:

One opionion she [Rocket's wife] has expressed that never would have occurred to me, is that the National Guard flap helps President Bush because they keep showing him in his National Guard uniform.

Every woman who has emailed us agrees that the photos of W. in his National Guard uniform are a plus. The most common adjectives are "adorable" and "cute," with a number of readers adding "wholesome" and "clean cut."

A number of readers also observed that before the current controversy, many people had no idea that President Bush once flew fighter jets--a very impressive accomplishment. And listening to the Dems would lead a casual voter to think that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service altogether, a notion that is refuted by the photos of him in a fighter plane.
Bush may look attractive in those early National Guard days photos, but it's a stretch to say they're helping him in the presidential race. Regardless of who was a better looking man, you can't say the photos of Bush in a jumpsuit are more "impressive" than those of John Kerry riding through the Mekong Delta; heroically or not.