Preserving God Any Way Possible

Thursday, September 23, 2004

From Associated Press:

WASHINGTON - The House passed legislation Thursday that would prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on whether the words "under God" should be stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance.

The bill, which was passed 247-173, would prohibit federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from hearing cases involving the pledge and its recitation and would prevent federal courts from striking the words "under God" from the pledge.

Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., the author of the amendment on legislation before the House Thursday, said the high court is likely to rule differently if it considers the substance of the case and "if we allow activist judges to start creating law and say that it is wrong to somehow allow schoolchildren to say 'under God' in the pledge."
This is an interesting issue. I fully support the words 'under God' in the pledge because it's a testament to the limited authority of any one Government official in this country. In the end, we answer only to our divine leader...if there is a divine leader - whomever He/She/It may be.

Moreover, I see nothing in the Constitution that forbids the voluntary practice of saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom. That being said, I am not one the nine justices appointed to make such a finding. Let the Supreme Court hear it. There is that something in the Constitution called Article III. Hey, I despise activist judges too, but I know the Constitution, and I know its issues should be allowed to be heard before the Supreme Court.