Coulter Wednesdays

Thursday, September 16, 2004

From C-BS:

I'll admit, there's a certain sadistic quality to such overwrought decency toward Dan Rather. But how does Bill O'Reilly know what Dan Rather was thinking when he put forged documents on the air? I know liberals have the paranormal ability to detect racism and sexism, but who knew O'Reilly could read an anchorman's mind just by watching him read the news?

For the second time this month Ann Coulter has taken a stab at FOX's Bill O'Reilly for not "taking a stand" on the most controversial subject in the media. Three weeks ago Ms. Coulter lambasted O'Reilly harshly: "In Nazi Germany, O'Reilly would have condemned both Hitler's death camps and the Warsaw ghetto uprising. In Bill O'Reilly's world, King Solomon would have actually cut the disputed baby in half."
O'Reilly is again taking the middle road saying that even if the National Guard documents were forged, Dan Rather was most likely bona fide in his reporting. Ms. Coulter doesn't hold her breath.
By now, all reputable document examiners in the Northern Hemisphere dispute the documents' authenticity. Even the Los Angeles Times has concluded that the documents are fraudulent – and when you fail to meet the ethical standards of the L.A. Times, you're in trouble.
Quote of the Day!
In a book out this week, Kelley details many anonymous charges against the Bush family, such as that Laura Bush was a pot dealer in college, George W. Bush was the first person in America to use cocaine back in 1968, and he also regularly consorted with a prostitute in Texas who was then silenced by the CIA.

It's hard to judge the sincerity of Coulter's reaction to the allegations in Kelly's book. If Coulter's not disputing the claim that Bush used cocaine in 1968, then perhaps it's time to focus some attention on the current ineffective drug laws and policies in our country -- or was 1968 just a different time?