Aggressive Mail

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ven vents on my Moore Vs. O'Reilly analysis:

I am so glad that you could post this debate with all of the important issues that Michael Moore brought up omitted to try and sway people to your side. Most of the things you said were pointless were actually the bread and butter of the whole debate. Great job on being an ignoramus. Hope Your one side attempt at media report gets your ass in trouble some day. People like you should be put in there place, Like Jail. Hope you can realize someday that your a part of the biggest problem in our society today, people who misinform others. Good job you are degrading our country. It would be such a shame to show all parts of the debate to let people actually form there own opinion. Thanks keep screwing it up for the rest of us.

What Ven clearly doesn't understand is that the "bread and butter" of debate is the case for war in Iraq, not the squabbling over the definition of a 'lie' which I left out of the analysis. There are only two kinds of people in this country: those who support Bush's war effort and his fight on terrorism, and those who believe his war is unjust and criminal. The group with the most voters intending to vote (otherwise Kerry would clearly win in a landslide) will decide who will occupy the White House for the next four years.