A Woman's "Choice" for Perfection

Monday, May 29, 2006

Opponents of the right to kill one's unborn child are often portrayed by feminists and liberals as intolerant woman-hating brutes who get off on controlling women's bodies. We are told abortion is necessary because fathers are regularly raping their daughters. We are told it is necessary because poor women can't afford another mouth to feed. But one thing we are never told by the abortion activists is that sometimes the baby just isn't pretty enough.

Whether it's blue eyes and blonde hair that make a perfect human, or simply a foot that has a decent arch, there are plenty of traits that can make a person inferior. The golden standard may change from generation to generation, culture to culture, but the one thing that has remained constant is how to deal with such imperfections: the deprivation of live.

The Daily Mail reports on the other reasons why abortion is so handy:

The ethical storm over abortions has been renewed as it emerged that terminations are being carried out for minor, treatable birth defects.

Late terminations have been performed in recent years because the babies had club feet, official figures show.

Babies are being aborted with only minor defects.

Other babies were destroyed because they had webbed fingers or extra digits.

Such defects can often be corrected with a simple operation or physiotherapy.

The revelation sparked fears that abortion is increasingly being used to satisfy couples' desire for the 'perfect' baby.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that between 1996 and 2004, 20 babies were aborted after 20 weeks because they had a club foot.

It is one of the most common birth defects in Britain, affecting one in 1,000 babies each year. That means around 600 to 700 babies are born annually in the UK with the problem, which causes the feet to point downwards and in severe cases can cause a limp.

However it can be corrected without surgery using splints, plaster casts and boots. Naomi Davis, a leading paediatrician (sp) at Manchester Children's Hospital who specialists in correcting club feet, said: 'I think it is reasonable to be totally shocked that abortion is being offered for this.

Figures also show that four babies were aborted since 1996 because they were found to have webbed fingers or extra digits, which can be sorted out with simply surgery.

Remarkable pictures recently have revealed how at just 23 weeks baby in the womb appears to smile, yawn and flinch in pain.
Club foot? That's just gross. Webbed fingers? What, is the baby a fish or something? Clearly we have no room in society for the retarded, and seeing someone with a constant limp is just unsightly. In the never-ending quest for perfection, it's all about the looks, baby. And when your baby doesn't make the grade, you are faced with a serious dilemma.

Thankfully you can fix your less than-perfect child. No, not with simple surgery. Well, yes, that works too. But for the busy woman who's always on the go or just doesn't like the idea of it, she can always elect to have an abortion. Just one visit to an accommodating clinic and that freak will be sucked from your womb so fast you'll hardly be able to call it an inconvenience...for you anyway.