Ramesh Ponnuru's 'The Party of Death'

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm late to posting on the blog but over at the main site you can read my review of Ramesh Ponnuru's excellent new book, The Party of Death: The Democrats, The Media, The Courts and the Disregard for Human Life. Here's an excerpt:

With a major midterm election on the horizon it's no wonder the current trend in conservative publishing is the production of "roadmaps" to taking back conservative values and Hugh Hewitt-style steps to ensuring GOP victories in 2006. But few books are delving into the substance on which Ramesh Ponnuru meticulously expounds: the sensitive social issues -- specifically on the topic of life -- of today's political climate.

The book: The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life may at first on a cursory glance look like an assault on liberal values, yet Ponnuru never explicitly charges any mainstream political party of facilitating "the party of death." It is however, no secret or coincidence, that those who support the legality of abortion, stem-cell research and euthanasia are Democrats. "The Democratic Party used to try to protect the weak. But too many of today's Democrats have become part of a 'party of death.'"

For the better, Ponnuru avoids the name-calling game, and instead of going after liberals and left-wingers as the enablers of the party of death, he mostly argues why you shouldn't be a part of it and why the opposing arguments are either flawed or flat-out wrong.
This is a must-read book for all pro-lifers. Buy it here and pass it along to friends and family.