Limbaugh Avoids Slammer

Monday, May 01, 2006

A zealous prosecutor who once claimed to have a grab bag of charges against Rush Limbaugh has worked out a deal with the radio host to drop a single count of fraud against him in 18 months if Limbaugh agrees to continue drug treatment.

In case you didn't know the details, Rush admitted awhile back to being addicted to prescription painkillers had had sought like-prescriptions from four different physicians. A really bad writer at The Huffington Post, Jason Pollock was hoping to see Mr. Limbaugh in the orange jumpsuit:

As most of you now know, Rush has spent some time at the police station. Addicts can't control themselves and he just can't seem to get off his precious pills.

However, through all of this the Drudge Report is running a headline with Rush's face that plainly says, 'Not Guilty.' Are you kidding me?

Is Mr. Drudge trying to get the country and the world to laugh?

Just like everyone knows that Karl Rove is guilty and not 'focusing on the election,' everyone knows that Rush is a drug addict and that he was in fact doctor shopping.

I think the lines between the Daily Show and the Drudge Report are blurred more and more every day. Both media outlets make a point and get people to laugh. The difference is that Jon Stewart is making people laugh by telling them the truth and the Drudge Report is making people laugh because he reports mainly lies.

I am so sick and tired of the right wing constantly telling the world about how people should live clean and moral lives when they are the ones living lives of deceit and crime.
So we know Karl Rove is guilty. We know Limbaugh is guilty. We know Jon Stewart's fake journalism satire tells the truth while Drudge Report lies (even though 99% of the site links to official news sources) and right-wingers live "lives of deceit and crime."

Analyzing this garbage would be giving too much credit to Pollock.