Violent Congresswoman Not Yet Out of Woods

Monday, April 03, 2006

While liberal bloggers hope charges will be filed against Ann Coutler for aledgedly voting in the wrong precinct, they have been curiously silent about Democratic congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's refusal to stop at a congressional security checkpoint and subsequent assault on an officer.

No charges have been filed yet but the case has been forwarded to a federal prosecutor for further examination. But because Ms. McKinney wasn't arrested at the scene as she should have been, I see little purpose in dragging the case through the mud and wasting the district attorney's time. He has more important things to mull, such as Justice Scalia's outrageously offensive gesture that almost killed a reporter.

UPDATE: U.S. Capitol Police have now sought an arrest warrant for the flamboyant congresswoman. So I guess they're really serious about this. I wonder how long the liberal blogs will remain silent for.