Oliver Stone: Celebrities Not Worshipped Enough

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here's an interesting little read at Contactmusic.com from a director who's no stranger to controversy:

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE has blasted media groups who "slander" celebrities for their political comments - because intelligent stars have every right to question their leaders. The Vietnam veteran, who is a fierce opponent of the US leadership, is appalled every time a celebrity is rudely mocked for making his or her thoughts about PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and the war in Iraq public, and he urges journalists to be more supportive.

The NATURAL BORN KILLERS director says, "We're Hollywood wackos and all that stuff, left-wing... (It's) an easy and facile dismissal. I'm still a citizen, I've served my country as a veteran, I've had many jobs before the film business. I know something of life, having lived to this age. We have a right to speak and every time we speak: 'You're an actor, a showbusiness director,' we're making it up! This is not a way of dealing with people. This is slander."
Either the website formatting is to fault or Stone is just incoherent, as the comment is rather unintelligible; but the message is clear. Stone is imagining a hostile media toward loud-mouth celebrities, but save for Fox News Hollywood is the media's darling. They've always had a forum provided by said media to espouse their typical liberal views on everything.

Occasionally, entertainment outlets like South Park take them to task for it. Hey, nobody told George Clooney to talk about being the "sexiest man in Hollywood" during his acceptance speech. He was due for a lampooning.

Nobody minds when celebrities speak their views, we're used to it. But when they get crazy…as Sharon Stone recently did with these "words of wisdom" (so says Salon) during a promotion for Bombed Instinct 2: "It's traumatizing for me to come to Washington during a Republican administration because I don't have any Republican clothes..."

And that's tame for a Hollywood celebrity.