Just Take Him Away Already

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If this kid suffers any trauma later in life, I won't be surprised if it's because the media obsesses over every incident:

At least one social worker, accompanied by deputies, visited [Britney] Spears' Malibu home Saturday afternoon, L.A. County Sheriff's Lieutenant Debra Glafkides said Wednesday.

The visit occurred after the pop star's seven-month-old son was diagnosed with a skull fracture, Star magazine reported Wednesday.

Spears' baby, Sean Preston, was injured Mar. 31 in a high chair mishap while in the care of his nanny in California. Spears and Federline were in Dallas at the time, the tabloid said.
Add this story to the one about Britney driving with the kid on her lap and you've got a candidate for Worst Mother of the Year. Or maybe accidents happen to kids - being that they're kids - and the media should find something more important to obsess over and leave the Spears' family alone.