Media Bias, Good Book, Old Justice and Playboy

Thursday, April 20, 2006

  • I'm amazed we still debate whether or not the media is liberal when mainstream publications like Rolling Stone routinely publish articles about the worst president in history.

  • Just finished reading an advance copy of Ramesh Ponnuru's The Party of Death, a great book on abortion and other cultural issues. It hasn't been officially released yet but you can snatch up a copy right now from Amazon. A review is forthcoming.

  • Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens turns 86 today. Congratulations, Your Honor. I wish you a happy and healthy birthday with many more to come, but to celebrate them on a golf course instead of the Supreme Court.

  • Baylor University has barred female students from posing in Playboy, the famous skin rag that's recruiting students for their women of the Big 12 issue. Being that Baylor bills itself as the largest Baptist college in the world, you have to wonder why some of the students there are either surprised or unhappy with the decision.