Our Solution for the Inferior

Monday, March 14, 2005

Save for the conservatives, right-wingers, libertarians and Mel Gibson, the defense for Teri Schiavo has been uncomfortably nonexistent.

On Friday, March 18th in my home state of Florida, a brain-damaged woman will have her feeding tube removed, thus gradually starving and dehydrating her to death.

Let me repeat myself, the state of Florida is going to kill a woman because she isn't mentally superior like the rest of us.

And I thought Nazi Germany was dead.

What's most sickening is that her parents have tried everything they could to prevent the slow murder of their child, but the courts and legal system are allowing her to die. Could you imagine yourself in the parents' shoes? Imagine your daughter waiting to be executed, not for murder or rape, but for mental incapacitation!

The mighty Barbara Simpson puts it best:

Screaming feminists are always at the ready with their mouths and their marching when it comes to "women's rights." Terri Schiavo is a woman with a two-timing husband who has treated her negligently for 15 years and wants her dead. Where are the feminists?

Bleeding hearts hold candlelight vigils to prevent the execution of condemned murderers, regardless the heinousness of the crimes. Terri Schiavo committed no crime; she fell victim to some unknown malady or unexplained injury and is now an impaired human being who, on court order, will be killed by neglect – removal of food and water. Where are the bleeding hearts?
Yes, where are the feminists? The same group that has endlessly fought to put women on the front lines in combat and in charge of rapists/murderers awaiting trial has no problem with a husband who plans to marry his new finance after his current wife is killed by starvation!

Where are the liberals? The same group of people that will protest the eventual execution of Brian Nichols, the guy who just spent the weekend murdering four people including a judge, will idly sit by as a feeding tube is removed from a woman who has committed no crime.

Are we ready to say we live in a society that values the lives of murderers and rapists more than mentally incapacitated citizens? Apparently so.