Because we Have to Fuss

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Earlier this week the House on a 224-200 vote approved a job-training bill that allows faith-based organizations receiving federal funds to consider a person's religious beliefs in making employment decisions. Under current law, religious groups that receive federal money for job-training programs must obey civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in hiring or firing.

In other words, House Republicans and President Bush believe that religious groups that help communities should be allowed to hire the most appropriate people for the job and still receive federal money.

I dunno, I guess it kind of makes sense to think that a Catholic church should be allowed to hire only Catholics if they so wish, and the same goes for all churches.

Of course the separatists are screaming because the thought of their tax dollar going to a church of a different faith or a faith at all is contemptible. If it means that the church would no longer be able to provide social services for single parents, feed the hungry or help drug addicts, then so be it. As long as that dollar goes to something with less God in it, like say a bigger football stadium.

An independent editorial puts it best:

The Business Press recently reported on a local faith-based group, the GNC Family Life Center, which uses federal funds for training programs to get some of the hardest cases from welfare to work. It is hard to imagine, however, that any outside group or government agency would be better able to meet the community's need.
But just think of those stadiums...