Gotta Have Faith

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some of you still don't get it. Stryker completely misses the green:

You don't think there's a problem when the government endorses religion?
I think there's a problem when people like you can't see how certain organizations are providing invaluable services to the community that otherwise couldn't happen without federal money. Does it really burn you so bad that religious organizations are helping the needy? Money going to those groups is not endorsing religion, it's endorsing charity.

Russell is out of bounds and takes a two stroke penalty:
If Publix only hired people that were Methodists, would that be allowed?
Publix isn't a non-profit religious organization helping the needy, it's a corporation established to make money. Publix does not require a sponsored religion to effectively distribute groceries whereas a Muslim mosque might require Muslims on staff to effectively teach its religion.

Jeff Gannon hits the nail on the head:
A Jewish person wouldn't want to work in a Catholic Church, dumbass.
Which is why we shouldn't be making a big deal about this!

I don't know where Stryker hit his second ball:
Now, people can hire people based on race and discriminate based on race.
No. This is just about religious organizations being able to freely hire people most suitable for the job. But now that you mention it, there is a problem with not having any whites in the NAACP or the Black Leadership Conference because we whites know what's best for that race.

Readers, make sure to write your congressman condemning the government for giving federal money to black organizations that only hire blacks for its leadership positions.