Feminism and Murder

Monday, January 10, 2005

The brilliant Vox Day has a new column out similar to what I've been writing about; China's penchant for murder. I wish I could write stuff this good.

The communist government of China is the most bloody-minded government in the history of mankind. Long before tanks were mashing bicycles and students into lifeless red pulp at Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao's left-wing revolutionaries killed an estimated 35 million people in the Great Leap Forward and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

And yet, even these most merciless of men are beginning to recoil at the murderous extremism of the abortionettes now that the feminist logic has finally reached a long-expected milestone. It is no secret that parents traditionally prefer male babies to female – the availability of pre-natal sex identification technology combined with pro-abortion extremism has resulted in a 16 percent shortfall of baby girls from the natural ratio, which approximates 50-50.

To put it into terms that feminists might understand, a girl baby in China earns only 84 cents on the boy baby's dollar. Except in this case, the dear girl isn't out 16 cents of spending money, she's just dead.

The truth is that with over 45 million American abortions committed since 1973, (and adding another 800,000 to the body count every year), the abortionettes have proven themselves to be the most lethal organization of the 20th century. I have said before that calling a feminist a feminazi is an insult to National Socialism. Now, it is clear that even Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot are second-rate killers in comparison with Ms. Sanger, Ms. Friedan and Ms. Steinem.

The ideology of feminism represents the triumph of death over life. It is a societal suicide pact as Europe, where the birth rate has fallen almost 30 percent below replacement levels, is demonstrating in real-time. It is not so much an abdication of motherhood as a rejection of the concept that women have an integral role to play in the continuance of civilization.

The great contradiction of feminism is that as women attempt to reduce themselves into nothing more than men with chromosome variants, they make themselves increasingly unnecessary. Science-fiction writers and life-partners in lesbianism have suggested that artificial insemination might eliminate the need for men, but once technology allows the replacement of the womb with artificial birth chambers and the science of cloning is sufficiently improved, women will become equally irrelevant to the propagation of the race.

An unconscionably stupid ideology, feminism's only redeeming characteristic is that it will likely eliminate itself before it eliminates society. Forget the Bible, even from a secular scientific perspective, it is an obvious evolutionary cul-de-sac, as delaying reproduction, embracing homosexuality and a harboring a predilection for murdering one's young are not exactly the traits of a Darwinian survivor.

American society does not need even one more woman lawyer, professor or junior executive. Frivolous lawsuits will be filed, students will be brainwashed with leftist propaganda, and tedious PowerPoint demonstrations will be assembled with or without female assistance. Instead, what American society needs is women strong enough to be the anchors of their marriages, the foundation of their children's lives and the bedrock of our civilization.