In God's Image?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A new Gallup poll on the origins of life has taken me by surprise:

Fifty-three percent say God created humans in their present form the way the Bible describes it, essentially endorsing a strict creationist explanation. Twelve percent endorse the strict evolutionary perspective -- that humans evolved from other species, but without any divine intervention. Thirty-one percent choose the modified perspective, believing human beings evolved from other species but with God guiding the process. That closely matches the perspective commonly known as "intelligent design."
I subscribe to the second mot popular answer, that humans have evolved but with either assistance from God or no assistance after He created the universe or "got the ball rolling."

I was not expecting the majority to believe in a "strict creationist" theory, because it is a religiously orthodox point of view and a random sample of citizens would hardly be likely to include many devout believers. To be sure, the results from the poll indicate the majority also wants evolution to be taught in public school science classes, if at least along with the creationism theory. I too believe both theories should be presented.