For the Price of 2,000 American Soldiers

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You can buy a trial for Saddam Hussein, two gravestones for his murderous sons, and a new constitution for the Iraqi people whose region is in desperate need of stabilization.

Unlike most in the blogosphere I refuse to judge the war on terror at this point in time. While it seems like we've been in Iraq forever now, it's only been 2.5 years, and a lot is getting done - albeit with major consequences.

With word of the 2,000 death toll milestone, Americans are understandably distancing themselves from the president they trusted enough to reelect in 2004. And with his most recent gaffe in nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, look not to me for a defense of his presidency.

In survival mode, the president has only been able to give speech after speech defending his actions. Iraq was the right decision. Miers was the right choice. Rosa Parks was "most inspiring."

You've got a lot of work to do, Mr. President. And it doesn't start with another speech.

Edit: Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin looks into the validity of the 2,000 milestone. Perhaps it's worth a look.