Bases Empty

Friday, October 07, 2005

It doesn't get any worse for our beloved (blah) president:

Evangelicals, Republican women, Southerners and other critical groups in President Bush's political coalition are worried about the direction the nation is headed and disappointed with his performance, an AP-Ipsos poll found.
I guess when you're a lame duck poll numbers don't matter anymore, but the president has a legacy to either preserve or destroy. It would be incredible for Bush to remembered throughout the ages as the president who had the largest role in the reshaping of the Supreme Court.

With John Paul Stevens staring at 90 down the road, Mr. Bush could soon be presented with a third chance to change the court. We don't yet know how Roberts will turn out because he's still a stealth justice, but Miers is a super-stealth appointment.

Bush could have gone hard-right both times, forcing Democrats into a nasty fight with the GOP. Regardless of the outcome it would have chilled whatever scandals are currently brewing on the Right side of the aisle, and provided at least one more highly qualified judge a chance to sit on the highest court when instead he goes for his personal lawyer.