Who Jesse Jackson Should Really Blame

Friday, September 02, 2005

It didn't take long for the usual suspects to blame President Bush, who right now is currently dealing with one of the worst disasters in American history.

BATON ROUGE, La. - Racism is partly to blame for the deadly aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, calling President Bush's response to the disaster "incompetent."

"Today, as the President comes to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi for his ceremonial trip to look at the victims of the devastation, he would do well to have a plan more significant than a ceremonial tour," Jackson said Friday.

Jackson also said the news media has "criminalized the people of New Orleans" by focusing on violence in the city.
Instead of dismissing the violence as an exaggeration of the media, the racist Jesse Jackson and the entire Black Caucus should be boisterously condemning the looters and rioters -- mostly black in a city that's mostly black -- who have done an excellent job impeding the progress of the rescue effort.

It's been almost five days since Hurricane Katrina ravished the Gulf Coast and until now hardly any food or water made it to the desperate residents. Much of the blame should be put on the slow response from the National Guard and federal officials, but it doesn't help when relief workers and doctors are getting shot in the head by snipers.

It doesn't help when looters clean out Wal-Marts.

It doesn't help when cops clean out Wal-Marts.

It doesn't help when thugs are robbing boats and caravans at gunpoint.

Jesse Jackson needs to either shut the hell up or acknowledge the brave efforts of those currently trying to bring relief to cities where many residents are using bullets to keep them out.