Farewell Chief

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The well revered Chief Justice who oversaw a conservative shift on the Supreme Court over the last 33 years will be missed, and now Bush must scramble to find a replacement before the Court convenes this year. Here is what Ann Coulter had to say on Rehnquist's passing:

FINAL VICTORY: REHNQUIST RUINS MEDIA'S LABOR DAY WEEKEND - Chief Justice William Rehnquist ends a stellar career of annoying liberals by calling reporters and editors back to work Saturday night to prepare emergency reports on his untimely demise. Clear, concise, almost always right, the Chief Justice was the molecular opposite of Sandra Day O'Connor. God bless Chief Justice Rehnquist. Americans will miss him.
I had much respect for Rehnquist, whose judicial philosophy was unvarying throughout his three decades on the bench. He was a champion for states' rights and his written opinions were almost always clear and concise.

With the hurricane disaster still plaguing the gulf coast President Bush has a long road ahead of him and must find time to appoint a replacement. Just think, if the Supreme Court convenes in October without a chief, the job will be temporarily filled by 85-year-old John Paul Stevens.