Dean Admits Democrats Needs Pro-Life Voters

Friday, July 22, 2005

Deciding it would nice to win an election once and awhile for the Democrats, party chairman Howard Dean expressed a need to reach out to the pro-life crowd.

The leader of the DNC told a group of college Democrats that their party has to change its approach in the debate over abortion.

"I think we need to talk about this issue differently," said Dean. "The Republicans have painted us as a pro-abortion party. I don't know anybody in America who is pro-abortion."

I do. They're the people who think abortion should be legal. They're the people opposing a perfectly good Supreme Court nominee in John Roberts simply because he doesn't believe the line "right to privacy" is in a document that doesn't have the line "right to privacy" in it.

Dean isn't the first high-profile Democrat to publicly admit mainstream Americans frown upon Democrat-sponsored laws that allow 13-year-old girls to get abortions without parental consent. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Of New York has also tried to convince the party faithful they could us the votes from us women haters.

Dean said the difference between his party and Republicans is that "we believe a woman has a right to make up their own mind and they believe Tom DeLay should make it up and Rick Santorum should make it up for them."

Actually, most Republicans and the rest of us pro-lifers fully believe in a woman's right to make up her own mind. It's just that after she's made the decision to drop her pants she should - uh, you know; like with every other choice in the world - live with the consequences.