Bush Bashing Futility

Sunday, July 31, 2005

From Michael Barone's article on Bush Bashing:

But mainstream media no longer have a monopoly; Americans have other sources in talk radio, Fox News, and the blogosphere. Bush's presidency is still regarded as illegitimate by perhaps 20 percent of the electorate. But among the rest, the attempt to delegitimize him seems to be collapsing.
While I don't support the occupation of Iraq and will wait to judge its effectiveness on curbing terrorism, Mr. Barone is right on the mark about the numskulls who are content in believing Mr. Bush's presidency is illegitimate. If 2000 cast any doubts they were surely erased by Bush's convincing 2004 victory, even though - as Mr. Barone correctly points out -- "for months the mainstream media mostly ignored the swift boat vets' charges against John Kerry and broadcast accusations against Bush based on forged documents eight weeks before the election."

When Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity "we have the media now," every liberal on the Internet plastered and framed the quote as proof the media is not controlled by the Left. But instead of pretending Democrats never controlled the media in the first place liberals should be concerned as to why they're losing it.

The ridiculous accusations made against conservative appointments in the past like Robert Bork will no longer work today, especially now that Republicans control the Senate.

It's funny how the Bush-bashers had the nerve to tell the president to nominate a "consensus candidate" after years of ridicule and baseless claims made against the man. Just what until who the man has in store for the next Supreme Court retirement.