Tucker Carlson Looks Comfortable in The Situation

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It was good for Tucker Carlson to get away from CNN and the sinking show Crossfire, and find new life at MSNBC with his own show. The Situation is like ESPN's Pardon the Interuption in that a list of topics are covered in a timely manner by Carlson and his guests.

One story he covered was the Utah polygamy case, and he asked his liberal lesbian guest, Rachel Maddow of Air America, what's wrong with polygamy. Her answer: "It's not accepted in our culture."

Really, because that is an argument many make against gays and lesbians! I too wonder how one could both defend gay marriage but oppose polygamy. If we can tweak the rules to change the gender of the married party then who can say we can't tweak the number of members in the party?

But that's for another debate, and unfortunately Carlson didn't pounce on that weak response by Maddow. Perhaps he's just too moderate compared to more outspoken conservatives, but I like the guy and hope his show does well.